Thursday, November 25, 2010

AFNI Apologizes

A common trick used by collection agencies is contacting neighbors of debtors and asking them to deliver a message to the debtor.

Many people refuse to do this.

Sometimes, there have been negative consequences. One well meaning neighbor was assaulted by the alleged debtor, who was tired of the collection agency harassment and who believed that the neighbor was an agent of the debt collector. Yes, alleged debtor-the collection agency had the wrong person. Both the neighbor and alleged debtor settled out of court.

Given the circumstances, the neighbor did not press charges against his understandably irate neighbor.

In this case, AFNI kept calling a teenager, demanding that she act as a messenger. Her father made an angry call to AFNI, and received this apology. Note that AFNI must do a lot of these, this seems to be a form letter apology as it is addressed "Dear Sir" and not to the actual person.

Ronald Greene of AFNI did not know what the word "hubris" meant and refused to divulge his educational details.

AFNI should be closed down, and Mr. Greene should finish high school.

In the interim, those subjected to abuse by AFNI may want to contact Mr. Greene directly, using the phone number down on the letter.

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